Zentangle 禪繞畫 啓蒙班

What is Zentangle?什麽是禪繞畫?

禪繞畫是一種獨特的繪畫技巧, 利用不斷重複的基本圖形來組合創作出美麗的圖畫。圖形都是來自大自然與日常生活事物,十分容易上手!任何人都可以畫出禪繞畫,無分年紀,不分背景,畫完還會感覺很有成就感,畫畫過程中感受到正念、平靜與專注。你會在不知不覺沈醉在筆下的圖形裡,隔絕外界的噪音和繁瑣,從創作中獲得極大的滿足,且具心靈輔導果效。


Class content 課堂内容:

Zentangle is a unique drawing technique that uses repeated basic shapes to create beautiful pictures. Graphics are from nature and everyday things, very easy to use! Anyone can draw a Zentangle painting, regardless of age or background, and they will feel a sense of accomplishment after painting, and they will feel mindfulness, calmness and concentration during the painting process. You willunknowingly indulge in the graphics under the pen, isolate the external noise and tediousness, get great satisfaction from the creation, and have the effect of spiritual counselling.



The 4 lessons of the entire enlightenment class mainly focus on:
In class, students can discuss and learn with their tutors

1. 禪繞畫的起源、理念、作畫工具解說

Explanation of the origin, concept and painting tools of Zentangle painting

2. 禪繞畫的8大重要步驟

Explanation of the origin, concept and painting tools of Zentangle painting

3. 學習白方磚的創作技巧. 學習點線,暗線,陰影的運用

Learn the creation skills of white square bricks. Learn the use of dotted lines, dark lines and shadows

4. 嘗試隨意組合圖樣的成果

Try to combine the results of the patterns at will

5. 學習黑方磚的創作技巧、 學習亮點、亮部的技巧

Learn the creative skills of black square bricks, learn the skills of bright spots and bright parts


專業導師教授、包材料 、工具借用。

 課堂時數︰1.5小時 (單次課堂)




時間︰可自選或預約式(最遲於 3天前預約)

           星期一至五︰11am – 9:00pm  (LastBooking: 7:00pm)

           星期六︰11am – 1:00pm


報名及課堂查詢Whatsapp : 5111 1865

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