Ceramic Painting 低溫彩彩繪瓷器班

瓷器彩繪班,學員可選擇**2小時一杯或一碟 $400 或  2.5小時杯+碟各一$500,經我們資深導師講解製作過程後,學員便可利用我們提供的顏料和用具發揮創意,精心繪製。詳情

Ceramic Painting Class, this is the new experience to draw your idea on the plate or cup, then you can add it into your lifestyle. In the lesson, we would not use the paint brush, and will bring you something else which is amazing to make some speical effect simply.

Class Date & Time: Optional, pls make reservation 3 days before, **1 cup & 1 plate, Class fee: HKD500/pc, Class hour: 2.5,  OR  1 cup or 1 plate, Class fee: HKD400/pc, Class hour: 2.  Class fee including tutor fee, ceramic and paint.