Faberge Egg 皇家復活蛋飾物

皇家復活蛋,大家可能覺得似曾相識又有點陌生,是,它就是讓人看見了都感到嘖嘖稱奇的藝術作品,現在,你可以自己親手做一隻給珍貴的你,她或他。就用您靈巧的一雙手令它復活吧!你亦可以你的創意將它創造成節慶的飾物, 尤其是聖誕和復活這兩個感恩的節日, 它一定能為你添上另一分意義。

自選上課時間, 課堂時數: 2小時, 堂費: 400/位, 製作一件作品。堂費已包基本材料, 可製作一件。

Over 130 years ago, the 1st Faberge Egg was crafted for Empire Tsar Alexander III, who had decided to give his wife. After that, Fabergé was apparently given complete freedom for the design of future imperial Easter eggs, and their designs became more elaborate. According to Fabergé family lore, not even the Tsar knew what form they would take—the only requirement was that each contain a surprise… it’s a very good craft spread up to now. We are honor to share this technic. Join our trial class to experience this handcraft.

Class Date & Time: Optional, pls make reservation 3 days before, Class hour: 2, to make 1 piece. Class fee: HKD350/pc. Class fee including tutor fee and basic material to make a 1 piece.