DIY Glass Accessory 窯燒玻璃飾物製作班

窯燒玻璃製作班, 利用不同顏色, 花款的玻璃原料粒粒, 湊拼一起, 然後導師會放入專用窯內, 以高溫燒製, 由於每種玻璃都有獨特的變化, 降溫後你或許會見到出乎意料充滿藝術性的結合, 就用它製作一件獨特的吊飾吧! 材料份量可以做 4 件成品 (2CM 內), 您亦可將其自由組合成為一個較大的製成品。窯燒玻璃絕對是你對手工藝的新體驗!詳情

自選上課時間, 課堂時數: 2小時 30分鐘, 堂費: $500/位, 製作一至四件作品, 視乎作品大小. 堂費已包基本材料及吊飾配件。

Glass Accessory Workshop using different color & pattern glass pieces to piece, tutor will then put your semi-article to the dedicated kiln, since the vary changes of the glass, you have get your piece by suprise, just use it to make your unique to make your accessory. The basic glass material is enough to make 4 pieces (within 2cm), and you can  merge to pieces to make a bigger article if you like.

Class Date & Time: Optional, pls make reservation 3 days before, Class hour: 2 hr 30min to make 1 ~ 4piece. Class fee: HKD500/pc.  Class fee including tutor fee and basic material.