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Company Overview 公司概覽

Committed to promoting culture and arts and crafts, participate in various activities, many art seminars in addition to providing a wide range of manual materials wholesale and retail, to promote local arts and crafts, culture, and the seminar held in some secondary schools and community centers are widely recognized. We are committed to the manual training of professional instructors have sufficient teaching experience, teaching mentors through a variety of materials to make each activity become more prominent and memorable

PMC Connection (Hong Kong) 於2003年成立, 一直致力推動文化藝術和手工藝, 除了提供多元化手工材料批發及零售外, 還通過參加各種活動,藝術研討會,以促進本地藝術和手工藝文化,而且還會應各學校, 社區中心的邀請為該學院或團體舉行各項課程計劃和研討會, 得到廣泛認可。 本公司 致力培訓專業的手工導師,我們的導師有充分的教學經驗,導師們會透過不同的材料配合教學,務求令學員能掌握當中技巧做出自創的作品。


Mission 使命

-To increase the awareness and promote PMC art locally – To enhance participants’ creativity and develop personal style through PMC art creation

於本地推廣盛行的銀黏土手工藝 – 透過銀黏土製作讓公眾及青少年對更加了解個人創作藝術,讓他們從製作過程中發揮其創作意念,從而創作出個人的藝術作品

-To establish classes in local school & community centers



Craft Organizer 工藝活動, 課程安排

PMC Connection (HK) cooperate with different of organization and company to hold vary range of craft workshop, activities, courses, etc. 

本公司提供各工藝活動, 工作坊或課程安排等, 給予各組織, 團體等。


Professional Qualification 專業資格

PMC Connection (Hong Kong) was established in 2003, specifically to offer arts and crafts programs and services to customers in Hong Kong, Macau and China. We have been committed to helping students develop their potential, to provide certification for their knowledge and skills, and encourage students to lifelong learning and the pursuit of excellence in technical capability, the lifting of the craft became interested in higher level of occupational and professional. We are the only awarding organization by Mitsubishi to sign and issue the PMC Certification  for  in Mainland China, Hong Kong & Macau .

PMC Connection (Hong Kong)成立於2003年,我們為香港,澳門及中國的客戶提供專門藝術和工藝課程及服務。我們一直在致力協助學生發展自己的潛能,為自己的知識和技能提供認證,並鼓勵學生終身學習和追求卓越的技術能力,使手工藝的興趣更高層次上提升成為職業及專業。我們是三菱唯一認可在中國內地,香港及澳門頒發及簽發PMC証書的認證機構。


High Quality Craft Materials Distributor 工藝材料代理 / 分銷商

PMC CONNECTION (HK) 是日本三菱授權的PMC 香港正規壳發店, 代理PMC 所有產品, 包括: 銀黏土, 銀膏、銀紙、針筒裝銀, 金黏土、銅黏土、各式工具, 等等。

PMC CONNECTION (HK) 亦專營批發或零售世界各頂專業及高級的手工藝材料用品。本公司代理項目及品牌: 高質素日本 Aqyla 進口顏料, KYOSHIN ELLE 皮革工藝用具及CRAFT皮革工藝用具等等。