Leather Class

DIY Leather class 皮革體驗班

透過簡單的縫製技,做出獨一無二的皮革製品。100%親手製作,自由預約個別上課或一小班朋友一起製作,悉隨專便,費用已包括材料、工具及導師費。同場更會介紹皮革特性、講解縫製技巧,讓您在短短時間內,變成皮藝小工匠!  堂費連材料費 $450 起  詳情

DIY Leather class, our turtor would teach you how to handmake a leather piece, you can simply make a name card holder, luggage tag or make a leather bag, price is different for each items, please call for info.

Class Date & Time: Optional, pls make reservation 3 days before, Class hour: 2 minimum, optional, Class fee: HKD*450 up /pc, *Please call for class fee. Class fee including tutor fee and basic material.